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Think Big - Artists’ residency programme 2013

World premieres

A picture of the choreographers
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Matthias Kass (DE): Unknowing


“[…] To a veritable storm of guitar sounds, the dancers twitch, tremble and mosh. The balance between dynamism and rest is as harmonious as the dancers’ expansive movements are precisely attuned to the music. Kass wanted to explore ‘disruptive feelings’. He pulled it off brilliantly.”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 2 September 2013   


Shumpei Nemoto (SE/JP): A Notion of the Tides


“[…] Set to rather celestial-sounding music, [Nemoto’s] work deals with balance, such as in steps which imply the state of remaining still. […] Slow motion interludes in which we seem to see every muscle contract and relax individually. A partner’s outstretched leg is somnambulistically crossed as if two solos were being performed at once.”
Braunschweiger Zeitung, 3 September 2013

Maura Morales (DE/CU): El Baile de San Vito


 “A dancer in a long white shirt stands […] in the spotlight, smiling bashfully at the audience. But then, as if struck, he breaks out in compulsive-seeming, ultra fast movements. He sprays white smoke from a can over a pile of people lying behind him and it comes twitchingly to life […]. Bizarre minuet steps, acrobatic figures […]: a high-energy finale to this year’s ‘Think Big’ programme.”
Neue Presse, 2 September 2013

Project description

The second edition of the “Think Big” artists’ residency programme, co-organised by the Hanover State Opera Ballet and TANZtheater INTERNATIONAL, gives young choreographers the chance to work on large-scale ensemble choreographies in Hanover again in 2013. This year, they are Matthias Kass from Markdorf, Maura Morales from Düsseldorf and Shumpei Nemoto from Stockholm. The ballets halls of the opera and the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien have been made available to these choreographers, selected by Swedish choreographer Kenneth Kvarnström, Hanover’s ballet director Jörg Mannes and festival director Christiane Winter, so that they can rehearse with up to ten dancers in the right conditions for developing larger-scale pieces. Kass, Morales and Nemoto have all previously created their own productions and have distinctive choreographic signatures. The three choreographies, each 20 minutes long, will make up a varied evening showcasing fresh ideas and an excellent ensemble.

(Approx. 100 min. incl. two intervals)


cast & credits

Choreography: Matthias Kass
Music: Skinsurfers

A Notion of the Tides
Choreography: Shumpei Nemoto
Music:  Machinefabriek, Vladislav Delay, William Basinski

El Baile de San Vito
Choreography: Maura Morales
Music: Michio

Dance and artistic collaboration:
Shai Faran, Anca Huma, Giulia Montalbano, Denise Noack, Sabine Prokop, Matthew Branham,
Simone Deriu, Chris Knight, Victor Rottier

Assistant to the office of the ballet: Tilman Richter

Light design: Frank Hamann, Wilfried Heitmüller

The “Think Big” residencies 2013 in Hanover are sponsored by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover and Landeshauptstadt Hannover, Kulturbüro. The Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung supports the educational music offers for school classes.

With thanks to the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien.

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