A picture from the production "Sweet Tyranny"
© Tristan Perez Martin

Orangerie Herrenhausen

Sweet Tyranny

German premiere

Pere Faura / La diürna (ES)

Right at the start, the Catalonian choreographer Pere Faura explains: “This is not a dance piece although we won’t stop dancing”. “We” in this case is Faura and seven other male and female dancers, who present a review of eight popular dances known from films, musicals or other performance genres. These all have special importance to Faura as they were crucial influences on him and his professional development. In this vanity show of sorts, then, the choreographer leaves no doubt who wears the top hat, directing and commentating the action with more than a hint of irony. Revisiting the more pleasurable moments of danced passion, as the title suggests, Faura uses these scenes which once gripped the world as a vehicle for exploring pressing questions about power relations – between creatives and their clients, choreographers and dancers, performers and their audience… The result is a tongue-in-cheek reflection on power imbalances conveyed on a whirlwind of dance.

(approx. 90 mins)

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cast & credits

Concept, direction and choreography: Pere Faura
Dancers: Laura Alcalà, Sarah Anglada, Miquel Fiol, Raquel Gualtero, Claudia Solwat,
Javi Vaquero, Amaranta Velarde, Pere Faura
Direction and script: Esteve Soler
Direction and set design: Jordi Queralt
Texts: Esteve Soler and Pere Faura
Lighting design: Jordi Queralt and Sergio Roca Saiz
DJ music session: Amaranta Velarde
Sound design: Ramon Ciércoles
Video research and edition: Joan Escofet
Choreographic consultants: Jefta van Dinther, Anna Rubirola
Costume design: Jorge Dutor
Technical coordination: Guillém Gelabert
Technicians on tour: Sergio Roca, Emilio Vallejo
Executive production: Blancproduccions_ Sandra Casals

Production: Pere Faura Company

Co-production: Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona/ Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint Denis/ Festival Sismògraf, Olot

In collaboration with: L’animal a l’esquena / La Caldera/ La Visiva, Graner fàbrica de creació

With the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya


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