A photo from the production "mehr als genug"
© Andrea Salzmann

Ballhof Zwei

mehr als genug

Doris Uhlich (AT)

While the forms of expression in stage dance steadily change, expectations of dancers’ bodies generally stay the same: They are supposed to look slim, beautiful and steeled by hard, physical training. Together with dancer Virginie Roy, Austrian dancer-choreographer Doris Uhlich, who has herself been described by critics as “corpulent”, examines the significance of the performer’s physical appearance for a piece. Her dense works, spiced with a generous pinch of humour and self-irony, take the human body – including her own – and its dynamic energy as their subject. How can an unusual body become a trademark? Who and what is beautiful, and what isn’t? After “mehr als genug” (more than enough), it’s hard to say.

(approx. 60 mins.)

cast & credits

Choreography: Doris Uhlich
With: Doris Uhlich, Virginie Roy and guests
Dramaturgy: Andrea Salzmann and Judith Staudinger
Light & Sound: Gerald Pappenberger

Production: Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg
Co-production: Doris Uhlich / brut , Vienna / Les Subsistances, Lyon

With the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Vienna.

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