Photos from the productions "Boys" and "Its_All_Good"
© Gadi Dagon / Dan Ben Ari

Ballhof Eins

Boys / It’s All Good

German premieres

Roy Assaf Dance (IL) / Rotem Tashach (IL)

Roy Assaf Dance (IL): Boys

Young Israeli choreographer Roy Assaf made his festival debut in 2006 with his first independent work. In 2013, he gained first place in Hanover’s international choreography competition. This year, he is presenting his quintet “Boys” for the first time in Germany at the festival: Performed by five excellent dancers, the piece uses a winning blend of a little pathos and a lot of humour to explore different aspects of masculinity. Familiarity and friendship, rivalry and aggression are all perceptible in the various, powerful constellations, which the choreographer skilfully breaks up to make way for each new one. In this almost hour-long production, Roy Assaf’s dance deconstructs conventional ideas of manliness, turning gender clichés upside down with a remarkably light touch and opening the audience’s eyes to new possibilities.

Rotem Tashach (IL): It’s All Good

With “It’s All Good”, Israeli choreographer and performer Rotem Tashach brings to the festival a profound but highly comical evening looking at politics in the performing arts and the real world. In this satirical lecture-performance, bubbling with wit, he uncovers some unexpected coherencies behind ploys such as the sale of politically charged events as fun entertainment. Drawing on his own academic experience in the fields of fine art, art history, and interactive telecommunication, he presents a volubly commentated slide show, underlined with emphatic physical gestures, and contrasts low-brow culture with the intellectual version promoted by the authorities. With this performance, Rotem Tashach invites the audience to join him on an inspiring mental parkours.

(approx. 90 mins. incl. an interval)

cast & credits

Roy Assaf Dance (IL): Boys

Choreography: Roy Assaf
Dance: Avshalom Latucha, Oz Mulay, Tomer Pistiner, Kelvin Vu, Geva Zaibert
Assistant to the Choreographer: Ariel Freedman
Costume Design: Doron Ashkenazi
Light Design: Omer Sheizaf
Music Editing & Arrangement: Reut Yehudai
Music: Perez Prado, Jean Sibelius, Bob Dylan, Gustav Mahler,
Takagi Masakatsu, Richard Wagner, Reggie Watts, Uri Caine, Ryoji Ikeda, Charlie Chaplin
Artistic Advisors: Yair Vardi, Tal Yahas

Production: Tmuna Theatre, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture

Rotem Tashach (IL): It’s All Good

Text / Choreography / Performance: Rotem Tashach
Lighting Design: Amir Castro
Artistic Advice: Yair Vardi, Tal Yakhas, Nava Zuckerman
Music: Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill

Production: Rotem Tashach, member of the Israeli Choreographers Association

With the support from the Israeli Embassy.

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