A picture from the production "Äffi"
© Patricio Melo

Ballhof Zwei


7.15 pm and 9.30 pm

Marco Goecke (DE)

(Combi-Ticket with "The Swan and the Pimp")

With “Äffi” the award-winning choreographer Marco Goecke came up with a solo that was to become one of his signature pieces. Created in 2005, marking the start of Goecke’s over ten-year period as resident choreographer at the Stuttgart Ballet, the piece has lost none of its power. The dancer expertly embodies Goecke’s sometimes unruly but always haunting and complex movement language to three moving, late-period songs by U.S. country music icon Johnny Cash. The contrast between the breathtaking vitality and energy of the young dancer’s body and the mature bass-baritone of the singer lends “Äffi” a special atmospheric density. The solo, which has proved an inspiration to many dancers and choreographers, is presented at the festival in cooperation with the Hanover State Ballet, which welcomes Goecke as its new director as of the coming season.

(approx. 10 mins)

cast & credits

Choreography, Stage design, Costumes: Marco Goecke
Dancer: Maurus Gauthier
Music: Johnny Cash
Premiere: 18 June 2005, Arnhem

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