Ballhof Zwei


Workshop with Martin Schick (CH/DE)

A picture from the production "THE SPECTACULAR SPECTATOR"
© Dan Perjovski?

Here at last is a workshop for everyone. Martin Schick opens the doors of Ballhof Zwei to audience members performing themselves. The public, an essential component of every performance, has taken a back seat for far too long and is only now becoming the subject of increasing debate. With this “practice-oriented workshop for and about the public” Schick makes his own bold contribution to this discussion and shows that art is not a one-way street. It forms a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the individual action of viewing as both an intellectual and a sensuous experience, which, according to Schick, is “itself almost a spectacle.”

Participants can sign up for the workshop for a fee of € 4.00 at the box office in Künstlerhaus.

(approx. 90 Min.)

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