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Pour Ethan

Mickaël Phelippeau (F)

A photo from the production "Pour Ethan"
©Mickael Phelippeau


“[…] ‘Pour Ethan’ challenges the audience to think about the boundaries between the natural, the artificial and the artistic. […] Finally, Ethan talks about the stories behind his choreography – a translation is displayed – and we learn something about his life […]. Then the boy reconstructs how he once sang a song on stage, initially struggling in his former descant before settling into his now more mature register. This is after all a piece about what was, what is and what will one day no longer be. […] That is what you call authentic. […]”

Neue Presse, 11 September 2014

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Special interpersonal encounters are what inspire French choreographer Mickaël Phelippeau to create his pieces. He made his festival debut in Hanover last year with a dance production for a 21-person a cappella choir; this year he is dedicating the stage to just one person. That person is 15 year-old Ethan Cabon, whose extraordinary stage presence so impressed Phelippeau when he first met him in Brittany that he created “For Ethan”, a refreshingly unostentatious work that traces its protagonist’s path from childhood to adolescence. Showcasing the performer’s own strengths – his idiosyncratically playful movement vocabulary, his singing and carefree manner – a sensitive and authentic portrait of this multi-talented young man emerges, which not only looks back to the past but also ahead to the future and tells of an extremely fragile time of life, shaped by hopes and sensations.

(Approx. 60 Min.)


Watch a video clip from the production on youtube

cast & credits

Choreography: Mickaël Phelippeau
With: Ethan Cabon
Artistic consultant: Marcela Santander
Set design: Constantin Alexandrakis
Lighting design: Anthony Merlaud
Production: bi-p association
Co-production: Théâtre Brétigny/ Scène conventionnée du Val d’Orge/ À DOMICILE, résidence d’artiste, Guissény

With the support of: Quartz, Scène nationale de Brest
With thanks to: Mauricette Bernier-Pelleter, Eve Cabon, Hervé Cabon, Maud Cabon, Chloé Ferrand, Denise Morin, Florent Nicoud, Huguette Prigent, Jean-Claude Prigent
With the support from the Institut Français.

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