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Le Trait

Compagnie Nacera Belaza (FR/DZ)

A picture from the production "Le Trait"
© Laurent Philippe


“It is wonderful to watch the Algerian choreographers Dalila and Nacera Belaza concentrate on their own energy. In ‘Herz und Vergessen’, one of them emerges from complete darkness, as slow as it goes and with the most sparing gestures, only to disappear into the void again, while from outside tribal songs evoke history. Then to the sound of a storm, in the glaring light, the other one develops the momentum of sustained circling in a trance-like affirmation of the self. Contrast is created when, in the end, two guys bounce on the spot to loud music, their pace steadily increasing […]. It is precisely this reduction of means that creates such a strong, thrilling drive.”
Braunschweiger Zeitung, 10 September 2013

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“I want to create a space in which time is irrelevant, a space in which we can touch the infinite and share something at last,” is how Nacera Belaza describes the motivation for her work. She creates big effects with simple means. In her three-part work “Le Trait”, made up of two solos – one danced by Belaza’s sister Dalila, one by Nacera Belaza herself – and a duet she created for Algerian dancers, Belaza goes on a voyage of discovery in which passages citing classical Algerian dances and holy rituals are combined with her own forms of expression. A self-taught choreographer who has been passionate about dance since childhood, her eye for detail enables her to create an enchanting atmosphere with light and shade on the stage. The two solos stand out for their emotional density and concentrated movement. Contrasted with the concluding, energy-laden duet, driven by the music, they make up a thrilling evening in the realm of dreams and transformations.

(approx. 60 Min.)


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cast & credits

Choreografie: Nacera Belaza
Licht: Éric Soyer
Schnitt Ton und Produktion: Frédéric Boileau, Gwendal Malard

Le Cœur et l'Oubli (solo)
Choreografie: Dalila Belaza
Darsteller: Dalila Belaza
Ton- und Lichtkonzept: Dalila Belaza

La Nuit (solo)
Choreografie: Nacera Belaza
Darsteller: Nacera Belaza
Ton- und Lichtkonzept: Nacera Belaza

Le Cercle (duo)
Choreografie: Nacera Belaza
Darsteller: Mohamed Ali Djermane, Lotfi Mohand Arab
Ton- und Lichtkonzept: Nacera Belaza

Produktion: Compagnie Nacera Belaza
Co-Produktion: Festival d'Avignon/ Le Parc de la Villette (Künstlerresidenz)/ Bonlieu Scène nationale d'Annecy/ Mécènes du Sud/ Fabbrica Europa, Firenze
Residenzen: Le Prisme, Scène nationale de Cavaillon/ La Faïencerie, Creil/ Le Forum Scène conventionnée de Blanc-Mesnil/ Teatro Era, Pontedera

Mit Unterstützung von: DRAC Ile-de-France - Ministère de la culture et de la communication/ Région Ile-de-France/ Ambassade de France en Algérie/ Union européenne/ Institut français/ Fondation Nuovi Mecenati/ Institut français Deutschland -Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DGCA

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