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HALFBREADTECHNIQUE Post-capitalism for beginners

German premiere

Martin Schick (CH/DE)

A picture from the performance "HALFBREADTECHNIQUE"
© St. Martin / Martin Schick


“With his post-capitalist ‘Halfbreadtechnique’, he [Schick] aims to fight social injustice and immediately sets a good example by publicly sharing his 1,300 Euros fee with the Italian dancer Vito Alfarano on the stage for all to see. […] Later he [Alfarano] gives the shirt off his back, replete with sweat, to an audience member who responded to Schick’s call to share. […] In the end, he [Schick] doesn’t have two pennies of his fee left to rub together but has won a whole lot of affection.”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 9 September 2013

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“Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared” said Albert Schweitzer. The work of Swiss performer and choreographer Martin Schick is based on this premise and blurs the boundaries between the stage and real life. “HALFBREADTECHNIQUE” is a strikingly simple but original way of addressing the injustice in the world. Schick asks: why keep everything for yourself when there’s enough to go around? His answer is to give various other artists – dancers from countries shaken by economic crisis – the chance to present themselves and their work on his stage. In Hanover, Italian dancer Vito Alfarano is due to showcase his talent alongside Martin Schick. His thrilling performances tell us much about the art of surviving as an artist and as a human being in our money-ruled society. This intelligent and enjoyable induction into post-capitalism à la Schick provides audiences with food for thought.

(approx. 40 Min.)


Watch a short video introduction to Martin's halfbreadtechnique on vimeo


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Witj: Martin Schick and Vito Alfarano

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