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A photo from the production "ALBERT"
Photo © Marc Seestaedt


“[…] Everyone is Albert. But they don’t want to be what they are: mistrustful, routine-loving, constantly overwhelmed by a sense of not getting enough attention. Six brilliant dancers translate this unstable frame of mind into chilling images: An orderly person like Albert does up the top button of his shirt even when he can’t breathe. […] The more energy Albert bottles up, the more violently it bursts out, manifested in twitching, nightmarish movement sequences and expansive liberating poses. […] Felix Landerer is a great hope for Hanover. […]”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 14 September 2015       

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Fear has many facets: It can bind people together and it can tear them apart; it can save lives and it can destroy them. In “ALBERT”, Hanover’s own Felix Landerer focuses on the source of fear. The piece is named after the subject of a psychological experiment, conducted in the 1920s, into how humans learn to have fears. Landerer fast forwarded from the point of the experiment to ask: What became of the test person, baby Albert, when he grew up? What remained of his original personality; what other traits did he acquire? Using a powerful, energized movement vocabulary, three female and three male dancers tell a compelling story of manipulation, peer pressure and liberation. “ALBERT” is a fearlessly danced home game for Landerer and a thought-provoking treat for the audience.

Felix Landerer has created pieces for the Gothenburg Opera, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Konzert Theater Bern. Since 2007 he has developed regular works in cooperation with the COMMEDIA FUTURA, the theatre in Hanover’s Eisfabrik arts centre.    

(approx. 70 Min.)

Watch a video from the rehearsals on youtube



cast & credits

Choreography: Felix Landerer
Dance: Anna Altes, Sam Denton, Menghan Lou, Luigi Sardone, Karolina Szymura, Jessica van Rüschen
Music: Christof Littmann
Stage design: Melanie Huke
Costumes: Theresa Klement
Management / Press & Publicity: Achim Bernsee | minusmalminus
Light design: Alex Tripitsis
Photography / Video: Marc Seestaedt

With support from the Landeshauptstadt Hannover, Kulturbüro / Stiftung Niedersachsen / Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur / Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover

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