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My Everlasting

German premiere

Stephen Shropshire (USA/NL)

A photo from the production "My Everlasting"
©Stephen Shropshire


“[…] It is about separation and loss, about holding on and letting go – and everyone stays a prisoner to his own emotions. One dancer painfully folds up his upper body, eliciting nothing more than a barely perceptible gesture of the index finger from the other. Again and again, the one intervenes in the movement sequences of the other. […] We expect others to be like us, thank you very much. […] 41 year-old Stephen Shropshire drew inspiration for this danced chamber drama from French historian Pierre Nora’s concept of ‘memory sites’. The choreographer conducts an experiment to find memory sites within us. And he succeeds. […]”

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 13 September 2014

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A male and a female dancer are on an empty stage in near silence. The only things to be heard are their breathing and their movements. But there is a great deal to be seen. “My Everlasting” is a danced manifesto against forgetting: defiant, highly emotional and intense. The US-born, Netherlands-based choreographer Stephen Shropshire has created a duet in the field of tension between history and memory. The stage is the scene of an untiring struggle with the past in which the two dancers are pushed to their limits. Sometimes they travel the journey together and share memories, but sometimes they must confront separation and loss; they cling and let go. In Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Noussiainen, Shropshire has found two very special dancers, both former members of the renowned Noord Nederlandse Dans Ensembles in Groningen, which the choreographer directed until 2012.

(Approx. 45 Min.)


Watch a video clip from the production on youtube


cast & credits

Choreography: Stephen Shropshire
Dancers: Aimee Lagrange and Jussi Noussiainen
Music: Dakota Suite
Lighting Design: Otto Eggersgluss
Costumes: Natasja Lansen

„My Everlasting“ was made possible in part by the support from the Holland Dance Festival, The Hague/ Rimbun Dahan Contemporary Arts Center, Kuang/ Centre National de la Danse, Paris (CND)/ Euregionaal Dansplatform, Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht/ Project Sally, Maastricht and Noord Nederlandse Dans, Groningen


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