Orangerie Herrenhausen

Vertigo 20

German premiere

The Vertigo Dance Company (IL)

A photo from the production "Vertigo 20"
©Gadi Dagon


“[…] The male and female dancers climb up the walls, stipple each other across the space and scurry like monkeys on all fours across the stage. […] Sometimes the company is masterfully composed into a kind of dance carousel – their movements mechanical, their faces expressionless, like dolls. Then the tightly knit formation erupts into a sparking, perfectly pitched chaos – shadows zip along the walls – until our gaze is shifted on to a pair of lovers who are gently nudging each other. The compositions – whether solo, duet or ensemble passages – are overwhelmingly graceful.[…]”

NDR Kultur, 13 September 2014

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In “Vertigo 20”, choreographer Noa Wertheim weaves together various plot strands and accentuates the dancers’ virtuoso movements with a dash of humour. The twelve dancers, male and female, are constantly in action, creating a dynamic kaleidoscope of images that also conveys an undeniable hint of melancholy. In combination with the musical compositions by Ran Bagno, “Vertigo 20” opens up space for the lyrical and takes the audience on a journey through a number of different moods. Surreal episodes collide with intimate tête-à-têtes; light-as-air jumps in the group are juxtaposed against calm snapshots in time. Noa Wertheim made Israeli dance history with the Vertigo Dance Company, co-founded with choreographer Adi Sh’aal in 1993. Two decades on, “Vertigo 20” reviews Wertheim’s creative work since then and allows the innumerable facets of her work to shine.

(Approx. 50 Min.)


Watch a video clip from the production on youtube


cast & credits

Choreography: Noa Wertheim
Assistant Choreographer: Rina Wertheim Koren
Dancers and Co-Creators: Dorry Aben, Micah Amos, Yael Cibulski, Ron Cohen,
Alon Karniel, Gil Kerer, Yuval Lev, Tomer Navot, Sian Olles, Marija Slavec,
Eyal Vizner, Emmy Wielunski
Music: Ran Bagno
Lighting Design: Dan Fishof - Magenta
Set building: Yigal Gini
Costumes & Stage Design: Rakefet Levy - School of Theatrical Design
Graphic Design: Dorit Talpaz
Stills Photography: Gadi Dagon
Cinematographer: Elad Debi

„Vertigo 20” is a production by Vertigo Dance Company in co-production with and commissioned by the Fondazione Campania dei Festival - Teatro Festival Italia, Napoli.


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